Harish K. Beeram

Harish K. Beeram | 1) Principal 2) Founder | 1) Concentrix Catalyst 2) Elio SmartAdapt LLC

Utilizing his mastery as an engineer and architect, Harish K. Beeram, a legally blind individual with low vision, dedicates his career to advocating for people with disabilities and equalizing opportunities through digital accessibility. As the founder and executive director at EnableWorld.org since 2021—which collaborates with those concerned that technology bypasses the disabled, including veterans, accident survivors, or those disabled at birth—he serves as a “digital accessibility evangelist” and strives to make the digital realm as inclusive as the physical world; up to 97 percent of the internet remains inaccessible to them.

In addition, Mr. Beeram has excelled as the principal website and accessibility architect at Concentrix Catalyst since 2022, through which he facilitates the accessibility of digital platforms for individuals with disabilities and collaborates with various industries, particularly the hospitality sector. He is also the founder and chief architect at Solutions UI/UX, which was formed in 2018 as a full-service custom software design and development firm. In addition, he was nominated and selected internally at Concentrix + Webhelp as global chair for the Ability Game-Changer Resource Group (GRG). In this role, he “leads the GRG in developing a comprehensive roadmap, strategy, and execution plan to enable, empower, educate, and employ people with disabilities (PWD) across the globe.”

His approach as a leader centers on the potential for companies to generate increased revenue by embracing inclusive technology practices.  Outside of his primary endeavors with the business, he actively engages in delivering talks and participating in conferences on the issue of digital accessibility. He has also, since 2015, dedicated his time and effort to mentoring user experience designers, software engineers, and high school and college graduates pursuing the field. Before his current roles, he accrued a significant career as a software engineer, .NET consultant, and UI consultant at GlobalCynex Inc.; advanced from a UI Engineer to Senior UI/Mobile Engineer and Senior UX Engineer to UI Architect at Raymond James Financial Inc.; a Senior UI Architect, Lead UX Architect, and Team Lead at Clarifire; an Enterprise UI/Mobile/UX and Accessibility Architect at Bloomin’ Brands Inc.; and a senior enterprise consultant at AgileThought.

As a further extension of his passion surrounding the topic, Mr. Beeram has written a book titled “Professional UX & Accessibility Designer,” which offers designers a guide on implementing accessibility-focused transformations in digital design, the publication of which he considers to be his standout achievement. Among his numerous professional goals, he envisions his company expanding its influence to affect positive change for humanity, emphasizing the importance of treating people respectfully while maintaining boundaries to prevent exploitation of his kindness. Additionally, he strives to deliver a TEDx Talk on the “critical nexus of people with disabilities and digital accessibility” and ultimately create an AI-powered wheelchair designed to empower them.

Born and raised in India, Mr. Beeram migrated to the United States in 2002 with a Bachelor of Technology in mechanical engineering and subsequently earned a master’s degree in the subject from Missouri University of Science and Technology in 2004. When he isn’t handling his main responsibilities, he takes pride in engaging in volunteer work at soup kitchens, providing food to individuals experiencing homelessness, and supporting medical mission camps by assisting doctors.

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